Major Awards

First Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award (#7), Ministry of Education of China, 2020

Major Grants

NSFC Joint Fund for Regional Innovation and Development (Co-PI), No.U23A6007, 2024-2027
NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (PI), No.62122053, 2022-2024
NSFC General Program (PI), No.61972247, 2020-2023
NSFC Young Scientists Fund (PI), No.61502302, 2016-2018
STCSM International S&T Cooperation Projects (PI), No.23510713200, 2023-2026
STCSM Rising-Star Program (PI), No.21QA1404400, 2021-2024

General Areas
  • Architectures for networked devices, server systems, and data centers
  • Virtualized environment, cloud platform, and edge-oriented system
  • Design for availability, reliability, security, as well as disaster tolerance
  • Power, energy, thermal, carbon footprint, and capacity management
  • Evaluation, analysis, and characterization of computers and applications
Recent Focus

Smart Micro Data Centers: When data center meets edge intelligence, how to better utilize various types of distributed system resources that many future services may rely on?

Selected work: ISCA'15, CSUR'18, TC'22, IPDPS'22, ISCA'23, RTSS'23

The "Memory Wall" Challenge: How to ensure efficient memory usage for data-intensive applications (e.g., AI and graph analytics) that have irregular memory access behaviors?

Selected work: ICCD'17, HPCA'18, TACO'21, PACT'21, IPDPS'22, VLDB'24

The "Power Wall" Challenge: As data center continues to scale out, how to provision and manage energy/power resouces in an agile, resilient, and highly efficient way?

Selected work: ISCA'16, ICCD'18, ICPP'19, SC'20, IPDPS'23, ISCA'24

Selected Talks

On The Three Layers of Sustainable Computing Research (PDF) : The talk was given at Microsoft Research Summit 2022, IEEE Future Technology Summit 2022, and IEEE HPCC 2022 Keynote.

Prior Works

Green Data Center Design: leveraging cross-layer power management solutions that span software, hardware, and renewable energy systems to improve the sustainability of data centers.

This work leverages promising renewable energy technologies and emerging hardware/software techniques to tackle the energy and environmental challenges faced by computers today and tomorrow. Prior energy-efficient designs mainly emphasize reducing power consumption or improving resource utilization; they are unaware of the behaviors of renewable power supply. By considering the interplay between power systems and computing systems, I have developed several key power management strategeis that enable highly efficient green data centers. Many of my ideas are published on top conferences such as ISCA, HPCA, MICRO, etc.