Teaching/Mentoring Awards

Undergraduate CS Program Teaching Excellence Award, China Teacher Development Foundation, 2021
First Prize of the Annual Young Faculty Teaching Competition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2020
Candlelight Award, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2019

CSE @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University

CS 240 - Computer Ethics (Fall Semester, 2020-present)
– Introduce the policy vacuum in the computing era and the responsibility of IT professionals

CS 904 - Ethical Issues in Computer Science (Fall Semester, 2020-present)
– Introduce the moral philosophy and present eight case studies that are related to computer science

CS 236 - Cloud Computing Technology (Fall Semester, 2017-present)
– Introduce the key technologies, design considerations and future trends of cloud computing

SE 346 - Computer Architecture (Spring Semester, 2017-2020)
– Introduce the art of building modern computers

AM 322 - Introduction to E-Business (Fall Semester, 2015-2017)
– Introduce the foundations and applications of E-Business

P033511 - Introduction to Cloud Computing (Fall Semester, 2016-2016)
– An overview of the history and major features of cloud computing

ECE @ University of Florida

EEL 6935 - Billion-Transistor Computer Architecture, Spring 2013
– Gave a series of lectures on power-/energy- aware computer system design

EEL 6935 - Billion-Transistor Computer Architecture, Spring 2010
– Gave a tutorial on clean energy technology and its application to computer systems