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Computational Linguistics, Intentional Logic Model and Dialog Systems
Master of Mathematics , Nanjing University, July 1993
Aug.  1993  to  Present:  Department of Computer Science and Engineering ,
                    Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

Discrete Mathematical Structure ,  Data Structure , Mathematical Logic and Computability Theory ,Algorithm Designing , Computational Linguistics

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1)Techniques for Proving Higher-order Logic Theorem
2)Studies on the Computational Framework of Chinese Semantics 
3)Semantics and Pragmatics of Natural Language Processing 
State Language Commission: 
Balanced Corpus Processing of Modern Chinese
Co-operations with IT companies:
1)Xerox (Singapore Language Service Center):   
            English-Chinese Translation of Automobile Information 
2)IBM: Phone voice inquiry system 
3)Intel: Parser based on phrasal grammar
4)Motorola: Human-Computer Interaction system
5)Fuji Xerox: parser of Chinese language

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