Prof. Bao-Liang Lu Won the 2022 APNNS Outstanding Award

Released Time: 2022-11-28

The 29th International Conference of Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) was held at New Delhi, India on Nov 26. Prof. Bao-Liang Lu was given the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Asia Pacific Neural Network Society due to his achievements in modular neural network model, computational method of neural network inverse mapping, and emotional brain-computer interface. Bao-Liang Lu is the director of Key Laboratory of Shanghai Education Commission for Intelligent Interaction and Cognitive Engineering (IICE), tenure professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, IEEE Fellow.


Asia Pacific Neural Network Society, formerly known as Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly, was founded in 1993. The Outstanding Achievement Award was set up in 2004 and awards only one researcher every year who has made outstanding contribution in the field of neural network. Awardees include Shun-ichi Amari, Kunihiko Fukushima, and Aike Guo.

  Asia Pacific Neural Network Society is an international academic organization with members from 13 Asia Pacific countries and regions, including China, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, Qadar, Thailand and Turkey.The International Conference of Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) is the annual academic meeting held by the society.



Lu Bao-liang is now a tenure professor and PhD supervisor at the CS Department of SJTU and Guang Ci Professor at SJTU-affiliated Ruijin Hospital of SJTU. He is an IEEE Fellow. He works as the director of the Key Laboratory of Shanghai Education Commission for Intelligent Interaction and Cognitive Engineering, executive director of Qingyuan Research Institute of SJTU, co-director of SJTU-affiliated Ruijin Hospital’s Brain-Computer Interface and Neuromodulation Center, and director of Ruijin Hospital Encephalopathy Center-miHoYo Joint Lab. He is the editorial board member of IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, Journal of Neural Engineering, IEEE Transaction on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, and Chinese Journal of Intelligent Science and Technology. He won the best paper award of 2021 IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing and 2018 IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development. He was awarded the natural science first prize of the 2020 Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award. His research is mainly on brain-like computing theory and model, deep learning, emotion AI, affective brain-computer interface and its application in the diagnosis and treatment of affective disorder diseases.



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