Students Advised by Associate Prof. Gao Xiaofeng Won Excellent Results in in MCM/ICM Contest 2018

Released Time: 2018-05-01

In MCM/ICM Contest 2018, students advised by associate Prof. Gao Xiaofeng won two “Outstanding Winner” awards, two “Finalist” awards and INFORMS Special Award for Problem C. Besides, students advised by Hao Duxing from the training camp, which is directed by Gao Xiaofeng, won one “Outstanding Winner” award and Vilfredo Pareto Award for the first time. Students trained in the camp won 39 “Meritorious Winner” awards and 61 “Honorable Mention” awards. 


Certificate of 3 "Outstanding Winner" Award and 2 “Finalist” awards

Winners of the "Outstanding Winner" Awards from the Training Camp directed by Gao Xiaofeng

Started in 1985, MCM/ICM is now the most influential international mathematical modeling contest. Competitors should be undergraduates who form three-people teams. They are required to select a problem and finish modeling, analyzing, solving, verifying, and paper writing within 100 hours. This year, the contest provided six problems (A to F), attracting 20602 teams from 23 countries and regions around the world. Only 33 teams won the “Outstanding Winner” awards (0.16%), 45 won the “Finalist” awards (0.22%). 9.76% won “Meritorious Winner” awards and 36.15% won “Honorable Mention” awards. Special Awards are given to the most excellent winners of the “Outstanding Winner” awards. INFORMS Special Award is given to only one team for each problem (0.167%). Our students’ performance was top among all teams.

Author: Wu Qitian, Wu Xinyu

Data: Gao Xiaofeng, Chenche

Graph: Gong Weizhi

Photo: Zhong Hao, Zhang Yu


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