Associate Prof. Gao Xiaofeng was Awarded the Doug Faires Award of COMAP

Released Time: 2017-06-20

Reprinted from SEIEE News

On June 16, Prof. Solomon Garfunkel, chair of the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP), visited SJTU and awarded the Doug Faires Award to Associate Prof. Gao Xiaofeng of the CS Department.

In the 2017 MCM/ICM contest, students led by Gao Xiaofeng won 6 Outstanding Awards and 1 Outstanding Nomination Award. Among the 6 Outstanding Awards, they won INFORMS Special Award for Problem A and Problem C, and Leonhard Euler Special Award for Problem D. Prof. Solomon Garfunkel said that this is the most outstanding performance in the history of the contest. And Gao’s experience will be very useful for the future development of MCM/ICM contest and the teaching of mathematics worldwide.


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