A Message for Prospective Students and Colleagues

I'm interested in new colleagues at all levels: undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs. I'm looking for bright and self-motivated students who have a strong interest in computer architecture and system design.

If you are currently studying at SJTU and want to work with me (or you just want to discuss your brilliant idea with me), feel free to send me an email to arrange an appointment.

Current Students

I am fortunate to work with the following excellent students:

Xiaofeng Hou (PhD student, 2015 - present)
Lu Zhang (PhD student, 2016 - present)
Pengyu Wang (PhD student, 2017 - present)
Jing Wang (PhD student, 2018 - present)
Rong Zeng (MS student, 2017 - present)
Yu Lu (MS student, 2018 - present)
Mingyu Liang (undergraduate student)
Jiuqin Zhou (undergraduate student)
Boyu Tian (undergraduate student)
Taolei Wang (undergraduate student)
Jiahong Xu (undergraduate student)


Wish them all the best for their future endeavors:

Yu Qiu (MS, First Employment: Alibaba)
Yuhai Cao (MS student, First Employment: Nvidia)
Jun Yin (MS, co-advised with Prof. Minyi Guo, First Employment: Pinduoduo.com)
Pengtao Song (MS, co-advised with Prof. Xiaoyao Liang, First Employment: Huawei)
Zhenhua Wang (MS, co-advised with Prof. Haopeng Chen, Placement: PhD@Rice University)
Ran Ye (MS, co-advised with Prof. Xiaoyao Liang, First Employment: Microsoft)
Weichao Tang (MS, co-advised with Prof. Xiaoyao Liang, First Employment: Qiniu.com)
Peitian Pan (BS, Placement:PhD@Cornell University)
Luoyao Hao (BS, Placement:PhD@Columbia University)
Zuoming Zhang (BS, First Employment: Microsoft Redmond)
Yiqing Hua (BS, Placement:PhD@Cornell University)