Kenny Zhu's Conference Listing (By rank)

Updated on Oct 2, 2002

This list of conferences are of interest to researchers in the field of distributed and parallel systems, real time systems and deductive/active databases. Some conferences accept multiple categories of papers. The rankings below are for the most prestigious category of paper at a given conference. All other categories should be treated as "unranked".

AREA: Artificial Intelligence and Related Subjects

Rank 1:
01/21/2002 AAAI: American Association for AI National Conference
01/14/2003 IJCAI: Intl Joint Conf on AI
11/01/2001 KR: Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
03/01/2005 ICML: Intl Conf on Machine Learning
03/13/2003 (abstract) UAI: Conference on Uncertainty in AI
01/16/2004 AMMAS International Conference on Autonomous Agents
01/25/2002 ACL: Annual Meeting of the ACL (Association of Computational Linguistics)
Rank 2:
12/03/2001 AID: Intl Conf on AI in Design
01/18/2001 ECAI: European Conf on AI
01/26/2004 GECCO: Genetic Programming Conference
04/19/2004 ECML: European Conf on Machine Learning
01/21/2003 IAAI: Innovative Applications in AI
06/15/2003 ICTAI: IEEE conference on Tools with AI
10/03/2003 AMAI: Artificial Intelligence and Maths
Rank 3:
06/14/2003 CEC: Conference on Evolutionary Computation
02/11/2002 PRICAI: Pacific Rim Intl Conf on AI
AAI: Australian National Conf on AI
CAIA: Conf on AI for Applications
CAAI: Canadian Artificial Intelligence Conference
ICMS: International Conference on Multiagent Systems
SPICIS: Singapore Intl Conf on Intelligent System
ICAI: Intl Conf on Artificial Intelligence

AREA: Applications

Rank 1:
11/13/2001 WWW: World-Wide Web Conference
Rank 2:
10/15/2002 ASS: IEEE Annual Simulation Symposium
10/05/2002 PADS: ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Parallel & Dist Simulation
Closed WSC: Winter Simulation Conference

AREA: System Technology

Rank 1:
01/25/2002 SIGCOMM: ACM Conf on Comm Architectures, Protocols & Apps
07/31/2001 INFOCOM: Annual Joint Conf IEEE Comp & Comm Soc
02/04/2004 SPAA: Symp on Parallel Algms and Architecture
01/31/2003 PODC: ACM Symp on Principles of Distributed Computing
Closed RTSS: Real Time Systems Symp
Closed SOSP: ACM SIGOPS Symp on OS Principles
03/01/2002 MOBICOM: ACM Intl Conf on Mobile Computing and Networking
11/12/2001 OPENARCH: IEEE Conf on Open Arch and Network Programming
04/11/2003 PACT: Intl Conf on Parallel Arch and Compil Tech
Rank 2:
10/04/2003 IPDPS: Intl Parallel and Dist Processing Symp
03/31/2003 ICPP: Intl' Conf on Parallel Processing
11/04/2001 ICDCS: IEEE Intl Conf on Distributed Comp Systems
01/31/2004 Euro-Par: European Conf. on Parallel Computing
Unknown SRDS: Symp on Reliable Distributed Systems

AREA: Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Rank 1:
04/30/2005 ICLP: International Conference on Logic Programming
07/18/2003 POPL: ACM-SIGACT Symp on Principles of Prog Langs
11/15/2003 PLDI: ACM-SIGPLAN Symp on Prog Lang Design & Impl
03/22/2001 OOPSLA: OO Prog Systems, Langs and Applications
02/10/2002 JICSLP/ICLP/ILPS: (Joint) Intl Conf/Symp on Logic Prog
09/09/2003 ICSE: Intl Conf on Software Engineering
03/15/2002 FSE: ACM Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering
12/15/2002 PPoPP: Priciple and Practice of Parallel Programming
11/14/2003 WWW: International World Wide Web Conference
Rank 2:
Unknown ICCL: IEEE Intl Conf on Computer Languages
04/19/2004 CP: Intl Conf on Principles & Practice of Constraint Prog
12/07/2002 CAiSE: Intl Conf on Advanced Info System Engineering
08/20/2001 PADL: Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
Unknown ESEC: European Software Engineering Conf

AREA: Algorithms

Rank 1:
11/06/2002 STOC: ACM Symp on Theory of Computing
04/07/2003 FOCS: IEEE Symp on Foundations of Computer Science
07/01/2003 SODA: ACM/SIAM Symp on Discrete Algorithms
Rank 2:
03/28/2005 CONCUR
01/01/2003 IPCO: MPS Conf on integer programming & comb optimization
05/24/2003 ISAAC: International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation
04/01/2003 ESA: European Symp on Algorithms
01/01/2003 STACS: Symp on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
02/20/2003 WADS: Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures
01/01/2003 SWAT: Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory

AREA: Data Bases

Rank 1:
11/17/2004 SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data
11/02/2001 PODS: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Principles of DB Systems
02/12/2002 VLDB: Very Large Data Bases
Unknown PDIS: Parallel and Distributed Information Systems
06/21/2005 ICDE: International Confs on Data Engineering
Rank 2:
05/17/2005 CIKM: Intl Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management
02/21/2002 DEXA: Database and Expert System Applications
Unknown DOOD: Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases
Unknown DASFAA: Database Systems for Advanced Applications
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