The 1st SJTU CS – RIKEN AIP Joint Workshop on Machine Learning and Brain-like Intelligence Was Successfully Held

Released Time: 2019-03-11

From March 7 to 8, The 1st SJTU CS – RIKEN AIP Joint Workshop on Machine Learning and Brain-like Intelligence was successfully held at No.200 hall of SEIEE-3.

Director of RIKEN-AIP Masashi Sugiyama and 19 researchers from RIKEN attended the workshop. Guests and experts from SJTU included Deputy director of the Office of Research Management Li Weidong, deputy dean of SEIEE Wang Xinbing, head of the CS Department Zhang Liqing, deputy head Wu Fan, Prof. Lu Bao-liang, Prof. Lu Hongtao and more than 20 teachers. Over 100 teachers and students participated the workshop.

During the opening ceremony, Zhang Liqing introduced guests from RIKEN-AIP and extended warm welcome. Li Weidong and Wang Xinbing delivered welcome speeches. Li Weidong said that both RIKEN and SJTU had performed well in AI research. The two side had been cooperating closely with each other ever since 2008 when they signed MOU for cooperation. He hoped that a bilateral workshop can be held every year from now on to promote cooperation and communication. Zhang Liqing and Sugiyama then introduced the status of AI research in the CS Department and the general situation of RIKEN AIP respectively. 

Zhang Liqing gave a report titled “Visual Cortical Networks for Image Semantical Representation”. 

Sugiyama introduced the latest research progress of his team on Weakly Supervised Classification Robust Learning and More. 

Lu Bao-liang introduced emotional intelligence and its four phases.

Zhao Qibin introduced tensor decomposition and tensor network. 

Lu Hongtao, Zhang Ya, Zhao Hai, Tu Shikui, Lu Cewu, Zhang Weinan, Niu Li, and Qian Yanmin from SJTU also gave reports.

During the two-day workshop, 18 reports were given on topics related to AI and its applications, including multimedia understanding, machine learning, memory networks, AI neuron technology, speech recognition, computer vision, reinforcement learning, etc. In addition, 28 posters were put demonstrated for communication. 

On the afternoon of March 7, the two sides signed a new MOU, which aims to promote their international cooperation regarding teaching and research, especially in the field of machine learning, computer science and intelligent human-machine interaction. The two sides agreed to conduct joint research, mutual visiting, and student exchange in the future.

Representatives of RIKEN-AIP visited the Lab of Brain-like Computing and Machine Intelligence, the Lab of Intelligent Speech Technology, AEMD Platform and Li Zhengdao Library.


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