CS Phd Candidates Wang Hongwei and Chen Zhehuai Were Awarded the 2018 Google Phd Fellowship

Released Time: 2018-12-05

Recently, Google announced the 2018 Google PhD Fellows. Our Phd candidates Wang Hongwei (supervised by Prof. Guo Minyi) and Chen Zhehuai (supervised by Prof. Yu Kai) were awarded the fellowship among a number of applicants with their excellent performance in natural language processing.

This year a total of 57 Phd students won the fellowship, only 3 of which come from mainland China (the other one is from Tsinghua University). SJTU is the only university in Asia that has two awardees. Since the foundation of this fellowship in 2009, students from SJTU have won it for four consecutive years.

Estalished in 2009, Google Phd Fellowship is aimed to support excellent Phd candidates for their researches in the field of computer science and related areas. By the 10th year, it has sponsored nearly 400 outstanding doctoral students from Australia, China, east Asia, India, north America, Europe and middle East. The competition is extremely intense and most of the winners come from top universities including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.

Wang Hongwei entered Phd program of the CS Department in 2014 and was supervised by Prof. Guo Minyi. His research areas include recommendation system, graph representation learning, machine learning application, etc. He has published 6 first-author papers. 2 of them were published on CCF A conferences (WWW2018, AAAI 2018), 1 on CCF A journal (TPDS) and 3 on CCF B conferences (CIKM 2017, ICDCS 2017).

Chen Zhehuai entered Phd program of the CS Department in 2014 and was supervised by Prof. Yu Kai. His research areas include automatic speech recognition, keyword recognition, parallel computing, language model, speech synthesis, etc. He has published 10 first-author papers on top conference in the field (ICASSP) and IEEE/ACM journals.

Link: ai.googleblog.com/2018/11/highlights-from-2018-google-phd.html

List of SJTU students who won the Google Phd Fellowship 

2015: Zheng Zhenzhe (supervisor: Chen Guihai, Wu Fan)

2016: Tan Tian (supervisor: Yu Kai)

2017: Yang Shuo (supervisor: Wu Fan)

2018: Wang Hongwei (supervisor: Guo Minyi), Chen Zhehuai (supervisor: Yu Kai)

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