The Awards Ceremony of the Class of 1988 Fund Was Held

Released Time: 2018-10-24

On the afternoon of Oct 20, the awards ceremony of the class of 1988 Fund of the CS Department was held at SEIEE 3-412. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the class of 1988, vice dean of SEIEE Tai Nengling, Xue Guangtao, head of the CS Department Guo Minyi, director of CS office Su Zhihua, vice director of SEIEE Students’ Affairs Office Liu Miao, counsellor Xin Xikai and award winners. Gu Shuilin, representing the 1988 class, hosted the ceremony. 

The present alumni introduced themselves and congratulated the 110 anniversary of SEIEE. They promised to put more efforts into the administration of the fund and help students in need.

Tai Nengli thanked the 1988 class for establishing the fund to help and support students on behalf of SEIEE. He said that the development of school cannot be separated from the efforts of all teachers and students or the support of alumni. The school would properly use the fund.

Xu Qi made an address on behalf of the 1988 class. They set up the fund to help students with financial difficulty so that they can concentrate on study. He wish that every student can be grateful to the alma mater and make contribution to it when they are able to do so.

Guo Minyi announced the list of awardees.

The Class of 1988 Fund was established by the CS alumni of the class of 1988. It is meant to help excellent CS students with financial difficulty to finish their study. The alumni expect that the spirit of “when you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and bring honor to your alma mater” can be carried on. They hope that those who were helped one day can return to help more. 


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