Paper by CS Teachers and Students Won the Best Paper Award at ICCD

Released Time: 2018-10-17

The 36th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design was held at Orlando, Florida, USA from October 7 to 10, 2018. A paper co-supervised by associate Prof. Li Chao, associate Prof.Chen Quan, associate Prof. Zheng Wenli and Prof. Guo Minyi won the Best Paper Award. ICCD is a renowned conference with a long history in the field of computer architecture and hardware. In 2018, ICCD received 228 papers and accepted 29% of them. The Best Paper Award was given to four papers on different fields.

The award-winning paper provides solution for resource management of data center when there is disturbance caused by abnormal load. Associate Prof. Li Chao, supervisor of the first author Hou Xiaofeng (CS PhD candidate), presented the paper at the conference.




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