The 2018 Awards Ceremony of the 1985 CS Graduates Education & Development Fund and Yang Yuanqing Education Fund Was Grandly Held

Released Time: 2018-06-25

On June 24, 2018, the 2018 awards ceremony of the 1985 CS Graduates Education & Development Fund and Yang Yuanqing Education Fund was grandly held at the No.200 Lecture Hall at SEIEE Building No.3. CS alumni who graduated in 1985 came to the campus for the ceremony, including Mr. Yang Yuanqing (president and CEO of Lenovo Group), Mr. Lu Yimin (CEO and vice chair of China Unicom), Mr. Ling Xiaofeng (fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering), Mr. Qian Peng (General Manager of ODE China), Mr. Lu Jianjun and Mr. Sui Ruiming. President of SJTU, academician of China Engineering Academy Lin Zhongqin, SJTU vice president Zhang Ansheng, deputy secretary-general of SJTU Education Development Foundation Yin Jie, deputy dean of SEIEE Su Yuezeng, deputy dean of SEIEE Tai Nengling, deputy dean of SEIEE Zhu Yanmin, head of CS Department Guo Minyi, deputy head of CS Department Zhang Liqing, Prof. Pan Yonghua, Prof. Hou Wenyong and CS teachers and students attended the ceremony. Mr. Lu Jianjun hosted the ceremony as the secretary-general of the fund. 

The ceremony was started by Lin Zhongqin’s speech. He extended warm welcome on behalf of SJTU to all the alumni. He wished that the CS students would make more achievements with the support of the fund. Jiang would like to express heartfelt thanks to the CS alumni who established the fund to support the education of SJTU and wished them a greater success in the future.  

Mr. Yang Yuanqing made an address on behalf of the 1985 CS graduates. He said that it is an honor for him to return to SJTU to attend the ceremony. SJTU is always on his mind because it was where he got the knowledge and experience that helped him start his career. He mentioned that in the coming AI era, China has advantage in big data concerning its population and has world-leading high-performance computing ability. However, we still need to make efforts in algorithms and chips. At present, the importance of human resource is prominent. The fund will continue to contribute to talent cultivation of SJTU.

Prof. Guo Minyi introduced the application of the awards. During the past three years, 40 persons received the awards, amounting to 1.984 million. The fund made great contribution to the construction and talent cultivation of the department. 

Prof. Zhang Liqing introduced the review process of the awards. The committee reviewed the applications on the basis of different indicators and then determined 1 winner of the Outstanding Young Faculty Award, 3 winners of the Excellent Doctoral Student Award, 3 winners of the Excellent Master Student Award, 4 winners of the Excellent Undergraduate Student Award, and 4 winners of the Encouragement Award for Undergraduate Students. 

Prof. Zhang Liqing then announced the list of awardees.

Awardees of the 3nd Award of the 1985 CS Graduates Education & Development Fund and Yang Yuanqing Education Fund

Outstanding Young Faculty:

Assoc. Prof. Kong Linghe

Excellent Doctoral Students: 

Li Juan (supervised by Prof. Zhu Yanmin), 

Liu Zhengyang (supervised by Prof. Deng Xiaotie), 

Zhou Haihang (supervised by Prof. Guan Haibing).


Excellent Master Students: 

Liu Zhaoyang (supervised by Prof. Zhu Yanmin),

Liang Yuding ((supervised by Prof. Zhu Qili)

Chang Xuankai (supervised by Prof. Yu Kai).


Excellent Undergraduate Students:

Lin Yuchen, Chang Ruiheng, Wang Zhenghui, Mao Weichao, Ji Gang, Zuo Sicheng, Ye Zelin, Li Longfei

Author: Du Xiaodong

Photo: Lenovo


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