AISpeech was Identified by Gartner as One of the Cool Vendors for Artificial Intelligence, East Asia, 2017

Released Time: 2017-05-04

Recently, Gartner Inc., a top research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight for IT and other business leaders, released the report of Cool Vendors for Artificial Intelligence, East Asia, 2017. AISpeech was identified as one of the cool vendors with its prominent advantage in natural speech and language processing technology. Research professor Yu Kai of our department is the co-founder and chief scientist of AISpeech.

The five Cool Vendors for Artificial Intelligence are identi?ed based on the innovative and intriguing technologies they bring to market. The report is an authoritative third-party evaluation of the innovation and application of artificial intelligence related technologies. It is published on the official website of Gartner:

In recent years, the Intelligent Speech Technology Laboratory of our department has made substantial progress in the basic research of intelligent speech and language processing. It has achieved internationally advanced performances in dialog state tracking, de-noising speech recognition and statistical semantic understanding. AISpeech and the CS Department co-established the “SJTU-AISpeech Joint Lab for Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction” and cooperated to made technological breakthroughs. Now AISpeech has become one of the few firms in the world that has English and Chinese speech and natural human-computer dialog technologies of independent property rights. It was evaluated as a high-tech enterprise by both Chinese and British governments. In 2016, AISpeech, together with another Chinese start-up, was recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of the “AI Key Players”. It is an outstanding representative of industrialization of our department.

About Gartner Inc.: It is an American research and advisory firm established in 1979. It provides information technology related insight for IT and other business leaders located across the world for more than 20 years. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. Each year it identifies the most innovative “Cool Vendors” in key technological fields and release a series of research reports.


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