Students Led by Associate Prof. Gao Xiaofeng Got the Best Result in MCM/ICM Contest

Released Time: 2017-04-11

In early April, the result of 2017 MCM/ICM contest was announced. Among the 27 Outstanding Awards and 46 Outstanding Nomination Award worldwide, SJTU students led by Prof. Gao Xiaofeng from the Department of Computer won 6 Outstanding Awards and 1 Outstanding Nomination Award. Among the 6 Outstanding Awards, they won INFORMS Special Award for Problem A and Problem C, and Leonhard Euler Special Award for Problem D. This is the first time for SJTU to win these types of special awards. The results created by SJTU are the best in the 33 year history of this contest and it can be regarded as a huge gift offered to SJTU’s 121 anniversary. 

MCM/ICM is held by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP). And the contest has been successively held for 33 times since its ushering at the year of 1985. As the founder of model contest, the contest has attracted participants from thousands of institutions in more than 20 countries. Covering various fields including economy, management,information, security, future technology, environment, ecology, resource, medicine and so on, the contest divides the competitor into three-people groups, who should cooperatively finish all the tasks including modeling, solving, verifying and writing the paper according to the assigned task, which reveal his/her capability of researching and solving problems, as well as the team spirit.


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