CS Alumni Representatives Who Graduated in 1987 Returned to Campus to Celebrate the 121 Anniversary of SJTU

Released Time: 2017-04-08

On the afternoon of April 8, 2017, CS alumni representatives who graduated in 1987 returned to Minhang campus to celebrate the 121 anniversary of SJTU.

Prof. Zhang Liqing, deputy head of the CS Department, welcomed the alumni and made a detailed introduction of the faculty, teaching, research and international communication of our department. The alumni then introduced their work and life, and discussed with Prof. Zhang the possibility of cooperation with the department. This year marks the 30 anniversary of their graduation. Sitting together, the old classmates recalled the days at school and hope that they can make contributions to the construction and development of the department in the future.

The alumni then visited the Intelligent Speech Technology Laboratory and the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing and System. Students at the labs introduced Prof. Lu Bao-liang’s brain-computer interaction technology and Prof. Yu Kai’s speech recognition technology. The alumni recognized the achievements and our students’ quality, and expressed their intention to conduct more communication and cooperation with the department.

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