Bjarne Stroustrup Met with CS Teachers

Released Time: 2016-10-28

On the afternoon of October 27, Prof. Bjarne Stroustrup visited our department and met with our teachers for academic discussions. Known as the father of the C++ programming language, Mr. Bjarne Stroustrup is now the fellow of ACM/IEEE, the managing director of the information technology department of Morgan Stanley, and the visiting professor of the Department of Computer Science of the Columbia University.

Prof. Huang Linpeng extended welcome to Prof. Stroustrup and introduced to him our undergraduate curriculum and faculty. Prof. Stroustrup gave advice on the teaching of C++ and encouraged our teachers to strengthen the teaching and practice of modern C++. The attendees had a heated discussion on this issue.

In the evening, Prof. Stroustrup gave a lecture named “C++ Evolution” to more than 400 students and teachers of SJTU. Starting from the origin of the C++ programming language, Prof. Stroustrup introduced the process of the evolution of C++ and the future trends, and elaborated on the development of modern C++ and the new features, which arouse great interest in the students. In the Q&A session, Prof. Stroustrup encouraged the students to learn about the new features of C++ and improve the programming and problem-solving abilities. 


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