Xiaofeng Gao

Chinese name

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai JiaoTong University

Xiaofeng Gao's Portrait
Professor, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Office: SEIEE 3-543
800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District
Shanghai 200240, P.R. China

Email: gao-xf@cs.sjtu.edu.cn
Phone: 86-21-34207407

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I am looking for self-motivated Master and PhD students who are strongly committed to research. If you are interested in Data Engineering, Data Mining or Networking, feel free to send me your CV.

Recent Publications (Full Publication List)

Xiaofeng Gao, Wenyi Xu, Mingding Liao, Guihai Chen, Trust Prediction for Online Social Networks with Integrated Time-Aware Similarity, ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD), 2021. (Accepted 1/19/2021)

Xiaofeng Gao, Xiaosong Jia, Chaoqi Yang and Guihai Chen, Using Survival Theory in Early Pattern Detection for Viral Cascades, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2020. (Accepted 7/31/2020)

Xiaofeng Gao, Jiahao Fan, Fan Wu, Guihai Chen, Cooperative Sweep Coverage Problem with Mobile Sensors, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2020. (Accepted 6/29/2020)

Xiaofeng Gao, Shenwei Chen, Guihai Chen, MAB-Based Reinforced Worker Selection Framework for Budgeted Spatial Crowdsensing, to appear on IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2020. (Accepted 4/30/2020)

Xiaofeng Gao, Ailun Song, Luoyao Hao, Junni Zou, Guihai Chen, Shaojie Tang, Towards Efficient Multi-Channel Data Broadcast for Multimedia Streams, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Volume 30, Issue 10, pp.2370-2383, October 1 2019.


  • Doctor of Science in Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  • Master of Science in Operations Research and Control Theory, Tsinghua University, P.R.China
  • Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics, Nankai University, P.R.China

Research Interest

My research interests are in Data Engineering, Database Management, and Network Optimization. In particular, my research includes data mining in crowdsourcing, social network, recommendation system, online advertisement, and general network optimization algorithms.