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Information technology has inevitably entered the landscape of design for sustainability. Founded in 2014, SAIL aims at creating innovations that could eventually open the door for a new class of computing infrastructure (in terms of intelligence, security, scalability, simplicity, efficiency, etc). Our members conduct research on emerging hardware and software technologies that drive the sustainable evolution of computer systems of any kind. We seek to forge interdisciplinary, cutting-edge initiatives that transcend conventional architecture research. We sincerely invite you to explore this website to learn more about our current projects, to get connected with our brilliant members, and to find out how you can collaborate with us.

Dr. Chao Li

Recent Highlights

2019.05.29 - Several papers accepted by well-established conferences: IPDPS, ICS, IWQoS, ICPP
2018.09.10 - Our work on "Aggressivly Provisioned Data Center" received ICCD Best Paper
2018.08.12 - We organized the 12th CCF Conference on Advanced Computer Architecture (ACA)
2018.05.22 - We participate in a National Key R&D Program on graph computing systems
2017.12.01 - Our paper on "integrating persistent memory" has been accepted by HPCA
2017.11.27 - New grant/funding from CCF Young Talent Development Program Award
2017.11.02 - Our paper on "GPGPU on-chip memory" has been accepted by IEEE TPDS
2017.10.23 - Our survey paper on edge computing architecture has been accepted by CSUR
2017.09.01 - Our paper on "processing concurrnet graph queries" has been accepted by ICCD
2017.06.03 - One paper on energy availabilty in green data centers has been accepted by IEEE TPDS
2016.09.25 - Our paper on "scale-out green datacenter" has been accepted by IEEE TPDS
2016.09.10 - New grant/funding from CCF-Intel Young Faculty Researcher Program
2016.07.29 - New grant/funding from CCF-Tencent Open Fund
2016.07.01 - Three new papers on GPGPU architecture and application (TVLSI, MICRO, PACT)
2016.06.19 - Our Joint Workshop of ASBD and EDCS (co-located with ISCA) attracted over 50 attendees
2016.03.23 - Two papers on datacenter enegry management accepted by ICS
2016.03.08 - Our paper on "power attack defense in datacenter" has been accepted by ISCA
2016.01.13 - Selected by the IEEE CAL Editorial Board as one of the four Best CAL Papers for 2015
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