CS426: Big Data Processing

Final Exam: 3:40pm ~ 5:40pm, 6/14/2017 Wednesday, 东中院3-201.

Time: 12:55pm ~ 3:40pm (class 6~8), Tuesday and Friday, from week 9 to week 16
Venue: 东上院303

Teaching Assistant: Guodong Shen (email: gdshen@sjtu.edu.cn) and Jian Chen (email: cs_jerrychen@sjtu.edu.cn)


Anand Rajaraman and Jeffrey D. Ullman, Mining of Massive Datasets, Cambridge University Press, 2011. (book website)


1. Holden Karau, Andy Konwinshi, Patrick Wendell, Matei Zaharia, Learning Spark, O'REILLY, 2015.

2. Nick Pentreath. Machine Learning with Spark. Packt Publishing, 2015.

3. Chuck Lam. Hadoop in Action. Manning Publications, First Edition, 2010.

4. Jiawei Han, and Micheline Kamber. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques. Morgan Kaufmann, Second Edition, 2006.

5. Christopher M. Bishop. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Springer, 2006.

Syllabus: (subject to change)


Grading policy: (subject to change)