The Project of Database System (CS 357)


Instructor :  Fang Li  TAZhe Ye

Room 3-533, SEIEE Building

Office hours: Thursday 13.30am – 14.30am


Project Aim:

l  To understand deeply about some concepts and principles of Database System

l  To apply the knowledge and methods learned to real applications;

l  To design and implement a database application in order to have an ability of solving problems in reality


Task Description: For some specific domain design and implement an application based on some database management system. The system should have many functions such as, data management, data integrity and security. You need to demo your system and submit the required documents. The Chinese version of Project tasks and Schedule requirement. Students (2017) name list is here.

Mysql Introduction by TA, Website Application Code.






Submit project name and team member

2~3 students are formed as a group and choose an application area.


Submit project description

l  Description of the application domain you choose.

l  Description of the functionality that you plan to offer.

l  Description of the tools and DBMS you plan to use.


Submit E/R model design & relation schema of your database

l  Finish an ER design.

l  Create the relational schema of your database. Remember to include all keys and dependencies (e.g., functional dependencies) as appropriate.


May 17 (9AM to 11AM: DB project ER model discusses in my office)


9.15 饿了吗外卖平台

9.30: 约会系统








System implementation



Initial Demo


l  There are some real data in the database.

l  Show how to insert records to the database.

l  Show at least one query that searches the database and list the returned records.

l  Use some domain-specific constraint.

l  Show some security measures.


Submit the documents about the system.

Include project description, ER model, Relational Schema, constraints and so on.


Final demo & evaluation:

Time: June 21: 9AM to 11AM

Place: 3-414 room

Schedule Please prepare your ppt.


1)       A design document which describe the functions, ER model, relations and some constraints. (submitted before June 20)

2)       System implementation code

l  Demonstrate how your system has achieved all the functions required.

l  Indicate some novel implementations.


Grading Scheme

1.     Documentation (20%) ().

2.     System Implementation (60%)

3.     Demo (20%) ()


Evaluation Metrics:

l  Design documents should be formal.

l  System functions should be complete and run fast

l  User interface is friendly.

l  The system will not be stop when it occurs some problems.

l  The system has data integrity.

l  The system has safety measurements, different users have different user authorities.

l  Large amount of data is required in the database.


Please refer to some sample design document and sample requirement document. The former student projects are also found here and their description.