IT Project Management


Jiadi Yu Associate Professor.

Office:  3-126, SEIEE Building


Phone:  (021)-34205856


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Content: This course covers the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.

Catalog Description: Project Plan, Feasibility, Resource Management, Project Control, Project Management Testing

Text: Software Project Management, 2nd Edition, Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell (Download)

Prerequisites Courses: none




About this course (Chapter 0)

Introduction (Chapter 1)

Overview of Project Planning (Chapter 2)

Feasibility Study (Chapter 3)

Process Model Choice (Chapter 4)

Requirement Engineering (Chapter 5)

Workload Estimation (Chapter 6)

Project Planning (Chapter 7)

Resource Management (Chapter 8)

Project Control (Chapter 9)

Risk Management (Chapter 10)

Outsourcing Management (Chapter 11)

Quality Management (Chapter 12)

Human Resource Management (Chapter 13)

Review (Course Review)



Assignments:                                      30%

Final Exam:                                       70%


Class Policies

You must turn off all cell phones before entering the class.

You must attend all classes and be present in class on time.  If you miss more than 3 classes you will NOT RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE. If you miss a class, you are responsible for all material covered on that day.

The student is required to complete all exercise assignments. Late assignments (e.g. homework exercises, exercise reports) will be accepted up to a maximum of 1 week after the due date; however, only 50% credit will be allotted.