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Secure and efficient data collaboration services in cloud computing. Cloud storage services enable users to remotely store their data and eliminate excessive local installation of software and hardware. One critical issue is how to enable a secure data collaboration service including data access and update in cloud computing. A data collaboration service is to support the availability and consistency of the shared data among multi-users. We are attempt to explore secure cloud data collaboration service that precludes information leakage and enables a one-to-many encryption paradigm, data writing operation and fine-grained access control simultaneously.

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Privacy-preserving and effective cloud data sharing services. Data sharing in the cloud, fuelled by favourable cloud technology trends, has emerging as a promising pattern in regard to enabling data more accessible to users in a convenient manner. To achieve data sharing, enterprises and customers in increasing numbers keep their data stored into cloud server. Recognizing this observation, we focus on seeking a solution that allows secure and effective access to the cloud data.

Relative Papers:
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Searchable Encryption. Cloud computing enables cloud users to outsource data onto cloud so as to enjoy the high-quality data services. It, however, has been criticized for privacy as more and more sensitive information are outsourced onto cloud, such as emails, health records, personal photos and so on. The main data privacy threat comes from the cloud itself. We focus on data privacy of searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) in cloud computing. Our system supports top-k multi- keyword search, in which novel technologies,i.e., homomorphic encryption and vector space model, are employed.

Relative Papers:
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