Cloud Computing: Resource Schedule

A VM trading mechanism for individual profits maximization in two-sided cloud markets. In cloud trading, pricing is a critical factor to balance benefits of both users and providers. Double auction-based pricing model is an efficient pricing model to maximize individual profits. In this project, we propose a truthful double auction mechanism for two-sided cloud markets with different bid-forms between users and providers. To implement a truthful double auction mechanism in two-sided markets with different bid-forms, we design the matching process as well as pricing and VM allocation scheme to balance benefits of users and providers. We theoretically prove our proposed mechanism is individual-rational, truthful and budget-balanced.

Relative Papers:
Li Lu,Jiadi Yu, Yanmin Zhu, and Minglu Li "A Double Auction Mechanism to Bridge Users’ Task Requirements and Providers’ Resources in Two-Sided Cloud Marketst," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE TPDS), 2018. [pdf]


Cost-efficient VM configuration algorithm in the cloud using mix scaling strategy. Benefiting from the pay-per-use pricing model of cloud computing, many companies migrate their services and applications from typical expensive infrastructures to the cloud. However, due to fluctuations in the workload of services and applications, making a cost-efficient VM configuration decision in the cloud remains a critical challenge. In this project, we model an optimization problem aiming to minimize the VM configuration cost under the constraint of migration delay. Taking advantages of Lyapunov optimization techniques, we propose a mix scale online algorithm which achieves more cost-efficiency than that of scale out strategy.

Relative Papers:
Li Lu,Jiadi Yu, Yanmin Zhu,Shiyou Qian,Guangtao Xue, and Minglu Li, "Cost-Efficient VM Configuration Algorithm in the Cloud using Mix Scaling Strategy," in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference of Communications (IEEE ICC 2017), Paris, Franch, May 2017.[pdf]